Horror Movies I watched in October 2020

Hey the real horror movie is the news amirite guys

No for real, it's scary as hell out there

Anyways, I love horror movies and each year I make a point to watch a mix of old favorites and new to me movies. Here's my list, seperated into three categories.

The Best

Death Line (a.k.a. Raw Meat)

Mandy (rewatch)

The Black Cat (rewatch)

The Karloff/Lugosi one. This is my favorite horror film.


The Changeling

With George C Scott, not Angelina Jolie


The Masque of the Red Death (rewatch)

Let's Scare Jessica to Death

The Witch Who Came from the Sea

This was a tough one. Well acted, brutal. Upsetting.

Frankenstein (rewatch)

Watched this with my daughter. Trying to go gradual on the horror films.

The Blob (1958) (rewatch)


The Resurrected (rewatch)


Humanoids from the Deep

Night of the Demons

The Exorcist III

Not sure what this movie is about, but it had a truly amazing jump scare and a few other standout moments.

Scare Me

Aya Cash is really good in this. Great premise as well.

The Mortuary Collection

WNUF Halloween Special